All TechWood formulations are patent protected.

TechWood 4400

The Way Wood Should Be

Commercial-grade, Class A fire protection, plus the benefits of 2200.

DrJ Certified Code Compliant


Reduction in moisture absorption


Improvement of dimensional stability


Formaldehyde emissions


Lighter than pressure-treated lumber

TechWood 4400

TechWood 4400 delivers a commercial-grade, Class A fire rating, in addition to our core benefits of strength, dryness, and safety. Perfect for multi-family, assisted living, and student housing construction projects.

Breathe Easy

Inhibits mold growth and sequesters naturally occurring formaldehydes.

Stable, Sturdy

Our treating yields a 69% improvement in dimensional stability, minimizing bowing, twisting, and warping.

Delay Decay

We use fungicides to disrupt deterioration conditions, controlling moisture and preserving mechanical strength.

Guard Against Termites

Proven to prevent ingestion and colonization, including the formidable Formosan Termite.

Sill Plate Approved

ChemTech is approved for direct contact with concrete and masonry.

Ready, Rain or Shine

Our polymer barrier limits natural transpiration by 50%, resulting in less cull and fewer callbacks for framers.

Slow the Fire

Our 3300 and 4400 lines add precious time in the event of a fire, expanding the window for your family to move to safety.

New Homes Face a Perfect Storm of Fire-Related Risks

More flammable construction materials

Increased fuel loads

Faster fire propagation

Shorter time to flashover

Shorter escape times

Less time to structural collapse

The Danger Is Real, ChemTech Can Help

Minutes matter in a fire. TechWood 4400 gives you precious extra time.


A Superior Exterior

Using our proven TechWood chemistry, our EX line outfits exterior trim, fascia, and fence pickets with long lasting protection.

Treat Locally,
Win More Business

Our treatment line is an easy add-on for any component manufacturer. Why pay more for weaker wood when you can achieve savings with a stronger product?

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