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Discover a new kind of home.

Sleep soundly with whole home protection from fire, mold, rot, and termites.

Whether you’re building your dream home, or simply care about a safe living space for your family, TechWood provides powerful protection at a price that’s within reach.

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Limit Moisture,
Breathe Easier,
Live Safer

Care about indoor air quality? When it comes to home health and safety, few things are as costly, dangerous, and pervasive as moisture.

Almost 50% of US homes have water damage and mold issues. Moisture-related rot repair accounts for nearly 10% of all wood production, and causes hundreds of injuries and structural failures each year. With TechWood’s 50% reduction in moisture absorption, homeowners can dramatically decrease their risk.

In addition to moisture protection, TechWood sequesters 73% of formaldehyde emissions and other volatile organic compounds, further supporting healthy indoor air quality.

Fight Fire With TechWood

Survivors of serious house fires know that precious minutes can make the difference between life and death. With large, open floor plans, vulnerable materials, and increased fuel loads, today’s homes suffer from a “perfect storm” of risk factors.

Techwood 3300 and 4400 significantly decrease these risks to your family, without other material compromises or soaring costs.

Protect Your Investment From Termites

Long-haul owners have enough to worry about without having to contend with a termite infestation 10 years down the road. Savvy homeowners can avoid the costly headaches of fumigation and repairs by investing in TechWood’s proven protection upfront.

You Can’t Rebuild Your House

A refrigerator might be replaced in 5 years. In 10 years, you might replace your countertops. But you can’t rebuild your home. You, the homeowner, have one shot to build your home from the ground up with the safest materials available. Is your family’s safety and health worth it?

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Smart Investment

Unparalleled Protection


How TechWood Products Work

  • Our patented chemistry protects softwood from mold, fungal decay, termites and fire
  • Topically applied treatments impregnate wood through chemical diffusion
  • The non-toxic process preserves the structural capacity of the wood.
  • Treatments are code compliant, with no hazardous materials or detectable volatile organic compounds

TechWood vs. Masonry Contact Pressure Treated Wood

For decades, pressure treated wood has been the least worst option for homeowners seeking elemental protection for their home—with limited coverage, significant trade-offs, and significant cost. With TechWood, whole home protection is finally available.

TechWood Products

  • No hazardous materials
  • Enhances structural integrity
  • Mold, fire, indoor air and termite protection

Masonry Contact

Pressure Treated Wood

  • Wood is weakened during treatment process
  • Only provides single-source protection
  • Only used for limited applications
  • May leach toxins over time


Reduction in moisture absorption


Improvement of dimensional stability


Formaldehyde emissions


Lighter than pressure-treated lumber

Meet The Future of Wood Framing

Protects Against Mold, Termites, Rot and Fungal Decay

Fortified for Fire, Plus the Benefits of 2200

Commercial-Grade Class A Fire Protection, Plus The Benefits of 3300

Protect Your Home With Techwood

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