All TechWood formulations are patent protected.


Affiliate Yourself With the Future of Wood

We’re recruiting structural building component manufacturers, sawmills, lumber dealers and distributors to join our exclusive network of licensed applicators.

Partner Up, Grow Your Business.


Offer an upsell that competitors can’t match.


No hazardous material handling or processing.


A modular, bolt-on system that moves and grows with your business.

Quality Assured

Our cloud-based QA software offers optional real-time monitoring of mixing and application.

Streamlined Supply Chain

Enables on-site treatment at your lumber yard or truss plant.


We’ll have your operation up and running in 90 days.

Set Up & Scale

From initial assessment to final implementation, we’ll work closely together to ensure results.


We’ll assess your operational needs, evaluating available space and operations to tailor your line.


We’ll build, test and ship your equipment, optimizing it on site to meet your operational objectives within 90 days.


We’ll train your team, working side by side until the line is operating at expectation for a complete turnkey solution.


Your TechWood framing package is ready to be shipped, transforming a commodity into a value-added specialty product for customers.

How It Works

As wood product enters the treatment line, the formulation is applied to all six sides, ensuring proper coverage.

Our one-pass system applies patent-pending Wood Surface Film Concentrate (WSFC™) and patented fire inhibitor (FRC12™).

Exiting the line, your lumber, panels and EWP are protected and ready to be bundled, wrapped, and inventoried.

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