All TechWood formulations are patent protected.

Architects & Code Officials

High-performance building design begins with you.

Design in solutions to moisture-related framing problems and alternatives to FRTW lumber.

Designers know what homebuyers want:

A healthy home space that’s safer than yesterday’s designs. But healthy home designs is more than simply designing in HVAC solutions.

Forward-thinking architects and engineers can use TechWood to stop moisture problems before they start, setting their services apart and creating happier clients.

Architects looking a building plan on a tablet

Better Multi-Family Building

Designing around the limitations of FRTW lumber in multi-family construction? That’s no longer necessary. Our 4400 line is a code-compliant direct replacement for FRTW, without the constraints of strength degradation, weight gains, VOCs, corrosivity, mold, or dimensional instability.

High-Performance Homes

More than ever before, architects and engineers can incorporate TechWood into their designs for end-to-end improvement of the building process.

Framers and builders can cut waste and labor costs with framing packages that resist degradation caused by jobsite moisture. Homeowners can avoid inconveniences like nail pops and jammed doors, as well as serious issues like mold development, rot damage, and termite infestation.

Even the worst-case scenario—a serious fire—can be made measurably safer through our TechWood 3300 and 4400 offerings. It’s peace of mind at an affordable price.

Design With Indoor Air Quality In Mind

The rising generation of homebuyers care more about home health and wellness than ever. From the non-toxicity of our treatment, to our 50% moisture reduction protection, homes built with TechWood aren’t just safer: they’re healthier for the homeowner.

FRTW Replacement

Optimize Indoor Air Quality

High-Performance Home Design


How TechWood Products Work

  • Our patented chemistry protects softwood from mold, fungal decay, termites and fire
  • Topically applied treatments impregnate wood through chemical diffusion
  • The non-toxic process preserves the structural capacity of the wood.
  • Treatments are code compliant, with no hazardous materials or detectable volatile organic compounds

TechWood vs. Masonry Contact Pressure Treated Wood

For decades, pressure treated wood has been the least worst option for homeowners seeking elemental protection for their home—with limited coverage, significant trade-offs, and significant cost. With TechWood, whole home protection is finally available.

TechWood Products

  • No hazardous materials
  • Enhances structural integrity
  • Mold, fire, indoor air and termite protection

Masonry Contact

Pressure Treated Wood

  • Wood is weakened during treatment process
  • Only provides single-source protection
  • Only used for limited applications
  • May leach toxins over time


Reduction in moisture absorption


Improvement of dimensional stability


Formaldehyde emissions


Lighter than pressure-treated lumber

Meet The Future of Wood Framing

Protects Against Mold, Termites, Rot and Fungal Decay

Fortified for Fire, Plus the Benefits of 2200

Commercial-Grade Class A Fire Protection, Plus The Benefits of 3300

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