All TechWood formulations are patent protected.

TechWood: Lumber Made Safer

Stabilize & protect wood from mold, termites, rot, and fire with our innovative, pressure-less lumber treatment.

Meet the Future of Wood Framing

ChemTech's patented formulations have protected thousands of homes from coast to coast. TechWood, our newest innovation, is a pressure-less lumber treatment for a safer, more stable building product.

Live Better

Every family deserves to go to sleep at night knowing their home is no threat to their health. TechWood products protect against certain health threats.

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Build Better

With TechWood, architects can design safety into a home like never before, stopping mold, termite, and rot problems at the door.

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Frame Better

Pressure-treated lumber erodes dimensional stability from your product. With TechWood, you can achieve significant savings while still meeting top-of-the-line code requirements.

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Design Better

TechWood products reduce twisting and warp, requiring less shimming, planing, and cull. No lumber is more flexible to day-to-day jobsite realities.

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A Value-Add For Every Application

Single-Family construction just got a lot safer, with TechWood’s incomparable protection from top threats to your home.

Multi-Family construction enjoys unprecedented savings over comparable pressure-treated lumber. Meet the code while building a better home.

Commercial construction needs to meet stringent specifications for safe occupation. TechWood makes it simpler and easier, with a lower total cost of construction.

Homes face hazards,

TechWood Protects


Home fires ravage over 350,000 homes per year, resulting in an annual average of 2600 lost lives and billions of dollars in property damage. TechWood products slow the spread of deadly fires, adding precious minutes in an emergency.


Mold in a home can increase the risk of asthma and other respiratory conditions up to 50%, disrupting the lives of millions. TechWood's 50% reduction in moisture absorption leads to less structural damage, easier breathing, and ultimately better living.


Termites eat away at approximately 600,000 American homes each year, costing homeowners billions. TechWood products are proven to prevent ingestion and colonization, stopping termites in their tracks.


In addition to mold protection, TechWood sequesters formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds, supporting healthy indoor air quality.

Treat Locally,
Win More Business

Our treating line is an easy add-on for any component manufacturer. Why pay more for weaker wood when you can achieve savings with a stronger product?

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Benefits to Better Framing


+69% stability


+30% lighter


-50% moisture


-73% Formaldehyde Emissions


Fire Protection


Mold Protection


Air Protection


No Strength Degradation




No Appreciable Weight Gain


Termite Protection


No Hazardous Materials


No Leaching

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